How big is big?

Turn down the the lights dear.

This shows the scale and capability of the beings who built the Giza complex. Turn down the brightness and contrast of your monitor to get optimal viewing of the face.

A Look That Sees Your Soul!

Just the third time we see a Ram/Lion/Lady. This is not bad for "linoleum", wouldn't you say? As you can see from the first photo, this image was not apparent until one drops the gamma, contrast and brightness. Much of the very same change occurs at sunrise each day. Looks like hot air balloning was really big back then. Question is who would see this amongst the ancient egyptians? What need would exist for these faces to be here in the first place?

Oh The Grandeur!

I will be posting versions of the Ram, and versions of the Lady soon. They are present in this same photo, but due to lack of space, I will post them on upcoming pages.

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