This is the modern day look of the Sphinx.

Very Egyptian Looking!

Now, on to a different Sphinx. In an earlier time with a much different look!

The Sphinx of a Different Face!

Much changed from the previous image. Taken in the late 1800's or early 1900's, it shows much more!

Four Faces in One!

Do you see a Ram's profile on the left? Do you see a Lion's profile on the right? Do you see a face with a small pointy nose, just under the profile of the Lion? That small pointy nosed individual is a face that should be remembered, as it plays a significant roll in upcomming pages. Do you notice the double set of eyes as well? (Hint - sister & wife) Now see the Ram/Lion image once again carved in stone, right in front of your eyes. Or, you can go back to sleep and call it sand and wind erosion.

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