Pictured below is the current version of AS17-137-21011 that is available from NASA on their website. The NASA image library for Apollo 17 is located at the link below, if you wish to verify or just look around.

Now compare this image with my image obtained in '94.

You would think that with all of the technical expertise at NASA's command, they could maintain photo quality of such important photographs. Remember we paid for all of this!This is a direct quote from the above NASA website, and I quote, " Station 4 pan. This excellent picture shows Jack at the LRV. The trench site in orange soil is at the fiducial mark to the left and just above the LRV. " End of quote.

Take a look at my version again!

Maybe there is a reason to let things get a little blurry. Maybe NASA or someone doesn't want you to see clearly. What used to take a lot of money and time to process images has become inexpensive and lightning quick on todays home computer. Technology can surprise even those who are supposedly prepared.

Take a closer look!

Why did NASA go where they did? Why do you think we haven't gone back to the Moon? Could it be that we were allowed a visitors permit for a period of time? Did our permit expire? Why were all plans, project books, etc., collected and destroyed after Apollo 17?

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