Edgar Cayce, (2397-1) partial; "There the entity was a priestess to the sun god, who attempted to bring into the experience of her peoples the closer relationships to those peoples through the abilities of the entity to depict in drawings, in the markings upon even the face of nature, as well as upon the walls, the buildings of the peoples, that as would bring awe--and yet an inspirational awe--to so pattern their lives, their activities, as to be acceptable unto higher influences that are ever creative in the experiences of individuals."

The old line that a photo is worth a thousand words or images should apply in this case. This is the Apollo 17 mission. These are astronauts at a crater called "Little Shorty". This is where the orange soil was found. This is the last mission that man will walk on the surface of the Moon. This is the only mission NASA sent a geologist/anthropologist to the Moon. This is a certified NASA photo, number AS17-137-21011. Scroll down and look at the other things besides the "orange soil", that we found at Little Shorty!

Would you consider the surface of a planet or moon to be a "face of nature"?

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