How similar was Tesla's Wardenclyffe tower to the pyramid technology of the ancients?

Consider This:

Could the energy generation of the pyramids have been a Hertzian longitudinal wave (Tesla wave), or ambipolar (massfree) radiation, rather than the electromagnetic based radiation some modern researchers propose? How close does the electrical design of Wardenclyffe parallel that of the Great Pyramid?

NOTE: See article by Correa & Correa 2003 in issue #48 of Infinite Energy magazine, page 40, "A Short Appreciation Of Nikola Tesla".

Tesla's Secret

Was mankind about to recreate the power source of the ancients at Wardenclyffe? Both appear to employ a form of energy unfamiliar to modern science. Does the Tesla coil technology touch into the area of "free energy"? Is this the energy the ancients used to power their society? Standard instrumentation cannot detect this form of energy. Has society been pursuing the wrong form of energy for it's daily consumption?

Pyramid & Tower

Both were used as "converters". Put in low frequency energy, and increase it to a point were it can be distributed in a usable form for all consumers. Did the Atlanteans have a similar energy system using a huge crystal oscillator that was tuned so high it caused a feedback loop with it's source and went critical? Why does the Great Pyramid, and the sinking of Atlantis remind one of a Chernobyl type of incident, an incident where childern attempted to wield the power of the gods?

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