After many years of working with piezo ceramics as part of my ongoing hearing research, I have noticed some remarkable similarities in the construction of these devices to that of the pyramids in their original condition.

Consider This:

Two names, one of water and one of fire. However both are quite true. There existed an abundance of water at this site. Much heat was generated within the King's chamber. The question being was this normal or more like looking at Chernobyl after the meltdown?

The World Of Acoustics Plays A Major Role

The King's & Queen's chambers acted as a timer/regulator.The exterior casing stones were conductive at the frequencies being employed. Note: All materials become conductive at the right frequency.

A Very Special Engine Indeed!

A direct coupled tuned emitter, whose power could be tapped into with a resonant device, to do whatever was needed. The only problem with this is a power surge can obliterate all resonant devices and life within the range of the emitter. Is this why we can find few traces of the ancients?

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