It is time to update and show you new images in my continuing research. The next logical step to this work is to demonstrate large images on the Earth and Moon as well. So that is just what I will now attempt to do. To begin with the Giza area of Egypt is one thing but what if we back off and look at all of North Africa? Can we see more images? Can we see images related to those presented at Giza? The answer is an emphatic , YES!

Satellite Image of Africa

Thanks to the images from the Climate System Research Group, University of Cape Town [], one may obtain daily images of Africa. Let's zoom in on North Africa.

More Facial Images

Now compare this sisde by side view. Two frontal images and one side profile. Notice where the side profiles eye is on the terrain. Giza or as the literal translation of Osiris states, "The place of the eye.".

I Want To See More!

More , is just what we get when we start to expand and rotate the area under observation. I am taking the viewer through the same process I undertook when I first looked over this data.

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