If this be linoleum to you, then consider me your linoleum salesman. What I have done for eight years is to follow my intuitive side and stick with the data to see where it would lead. Well, here we are. Consider the sheer incredible power that was possesed by these ancient forebearers inorder to form these images.

The fact that these images are found on three seperate worlds speaks volumes. Whether one can readily see these images is another matter. This appears to be related to the mind rather than the eye. I have had the privilege to see this at a metered pace over a period of many years, whereas the average viewer is immediately overwhelmed with image after image. This all occurring as fast as one can turn the page, with no time for reflection or contemplation.

The viewer is confronted with data that challenges one's basic concepts of who you are and where you came from. Most people when surfing the web are looking for something fast, something quickly digestible. This web site is not for those looking for quick gratification. It is for those who will savor the reclaiming of a grand heritage, and realize the incredibility of the moment. The moment of self realization, of just what and who we are.

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