For eight years now I have looked at the area around Menkaure's pyramid (smallest of the three at Giza) and I felt that there was an image present but due to excavations nothing jumped out at me. I then started to compare old and new photos of the area and something clicked. The image appears to be Mayan or of some other ancestry. Notice the curled chin piece on the image below.

Mayan or Older Still?

Once again it would appear that these images were here before the pyramids. After long consideration the pyramids look as though they were toys placed on a grand mural.

The Outlined Version

The key points in seeing this image were the lips and the underside of the nose. They are still visible in today's satellite images. The curled chin piece has been destroyed through excavation work.

A Comparison

You want ancient, you got ancient. Answer the question,"Where did the Egyptians get their high technology from?"

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