So far presented we have seen the pointed nosed small mouthed female with hair pulled back from face or styling a close cut short hair style. Two are found at Giza and one on Mars. How can one tell if these be imagination or based in some ancient reality?

The Sisters!

Repitition of a face is one thing, even on different planets. Do we have some source for this female image that is not a landform? The answer is a resounding yes! Thanks to the incredible work of Charles H. Hapgood and his book. "Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings". Contained in this book is the Ibn ben Zara map. This is a significant map for many reasons. It's accuracy is to within a half degree longitudinally and latitudinally. It's detail is amazing, but the most amazing point of all are the five faces contained on it's surface. These five faces are not the usual puffed cheek variety heralding the four quadrants dressed in garb of the day, rather we find a very aristocratic looking female in a dignified profile wearing non contemporary clothing. I call them the Ladies of Zara.

Ladies Of Zara!

Now we see a definite resemblance, and one from a rather significant document of great antiquity, which is actually a copy of a much earlier document.

Significant Link!

The correlation of the images is significant and supports once again the existence of a high order civilization prior to this high technology civilization.

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