This is the timeline configuration from Giza. The large "U" and the "X" represent the Corona Borealis and the Mons Serpens (that snake again) constellations.

This Is The Timeline Of The Builder

If one has a copy of "Red Shift" or some other celestial software, one may fix position the Corona Borealis, and back-clock the time table. Upon doing this the Mons Serpens rotates about the Corona Borealis , like the giant hand of a cosmic scale clock. This clock also has a history of the snake uncoiling across the centuries. This would account for the radically different positioning of the "tail" of Mons Serpens.

Current Positioning

This shows todays orientation, relative of one-another.

Hard Evidence For Timeline

This shows a strong argument for time of creation. They sure wouldn't have used a Timex! Consider this............The builders would picture a timeline that , "they" were familar with, and that was probably their point of origin. Or am I being too logical? At any rate, according to the star maps it is now 36,000 years later! Or are we in a later revolution and it's 136,000 years later??

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