This pair was extracted by accident following an intuitive hunch on Valentine's Day '99. This is a negative image of the Lady from page five, that is rotated left about thirty-five degrees.

The Lady and Who?

If you have followed so far you will by now start to appreciate the artistry and command of media that these beings possess. One can visualize at early dawn each day, slowly drifting in a hot air ballon, (this time for real), watching this panorama unfold, in quiet serenity. Giza is far more than anyone has conceptualized,,,, myself included. The raw beauty and power you have seen so far present a concept beyond the wornout "tomb" aspect of Giza, even beyond the "machine" concept as well. How does one start to classify this site, now that one starts to grasp the intricate communication these "holographic" images represent?

Try to find all this in a single piece of linoleum!

The adjustment of ones eyes to all of this imagery takes time. I did not see all of the images I have presented so far at any one time. I have been working with this site and others since late '95 when I first got my idea. These images are somewhat like those of the Nasca plain. They have withstood the test of time for the most part, including two world wars, crusades, Napoleon, and only God knows. The test of the bulldozer and dump truck it failed, but not all has been covered and destroyed.

Notice the nose?

One must be attune to the constant repitition, or reinforcemnet throughout the plateau, of certain characteristics of feature and type. Positioning and size are other aspects to be taken into consideration.

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